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Charismatic Captain Andy, aka Andrzej Jankowski, a sailor, writer, traveller and lover of life. Graduate of the Universities of Oxford and Warsaw. Active at the time of transformation (fall of communism) in Poland and Europe. Formerly the press officer of the underground Independent Association of Students at Warsaw University (1980s), heading up its presence at the Institute of Journalism, actively involved in various student bodies and anti-communist strikes. He then worked as press officer for the Solidarity Movement during the Round Table talks which led to the collapse of communism in Poland of 1989. Once Lech Wałęsa had been elected president of Poland, Andy set up Wałęsa’s press office, going on to work as his Chief of presidential protocol. This involved organising all overseas trips whenever the president had to visit the US, Russia, Egypt, Spain or Germany – vice-chair, then chair of the office of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. 

Having worked for many years as a diplomat, he is now as a captain of the Royal Yachting Association and his own ocean-faring sailing yacht Malena (having spent over a decade learning how to sail the world’s most challenging seas and oceans, from the Spitsbergen, North or Baltic Sea to the Caribbean or Thailand) making his own endless circumnavigation of our beautiful blue globe, in the self-appointed role as Inspirational Ambassador of Life.

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