The trilogy – part one ‘My name is LIFE’

A passionate story of a man who makes his dreams come true. A completely authentic, though sometimes unbelievable, the tale of a boy from Warsaw’s Chmielna Street, who embarks on a journey through life. He becomes a witness and active participant in the events leading to the fall of communism and the expansion of freedom. His book, however, is not an autobiography – it is above all about the joy of existence. It describes real stories of a fulfilled man. It inspires and encourages us to live, not just exist. This comes easily to the author – he is a dreamer who makes his dreams come true like only a few others. Will we learn the secret of his efficiency? By reading the book, we can also embark on an endless journey and look for our own answer.

This is not only a remarkable book. It is also an invitation to take an incredible journey.

Inspiring dreams

A great many things come into focus from the deck of an oceangoing yacht, since oceans are not restricted by earthly cares and regulations. Maybe that is why he experiences the wonders of this world so intensely.

‘It all starts with a dream. It begins with one deep dream that most of us have at least once in our lives. And yet most of us never pursue our dreams, as these illusions are not real. We must keep our feet firmly on the ground – this is what our relatives, teachers and so-called common sense and the and the world tell us all the time. They even convince us with a pair of hobnailed soldiers’ shoes. And so instead of illusory dreams, we choose achievable goals as they are more ‘realistic’. And they are so real that we wake up one day and our dreams are long gone. Only sometimes we recall that we used to dream. And then we wonder for a moment if it is not too late to make out deep dream come true.’

The answer to this question is much easier after reading this book.

Beyond the horizon

In the future, the first part of the trilogy, the book “My name is LIFE” will be accompanied by the second “My name is LOVE” and the third and final “My name is FREEDOM”. The most beautiful adventure still awaits us beyond the horizon.

  • Book "My name is LIFE"
    Book “My name is LIFE”
  • eBook "My name is LIFE"
    eBook “My name is LIFE”
  • Book "Nazywam się ŻYCIE"
    Book “Nazywam się ŻYCIE”
  • eBook "Nazywam się ŻYCIE"
    eBook “Nazywam się ŻYCIE”