SEA does not negotiate weather conditions with sailors. Storms, tempests, rogue waves and submerged rocks continuously surprise careless Crews. So, SAFETY FIRST!

That’s why experienced sailors check nautical charts, weather forecasts, monitor equipment condition and anticipate problems to rule them out or avoid them.

When challenges arise, the skipper and his crew make the necessary decisions, allocate tasks, and everyone gets to work immediately. The results of their actions can be seen immediately. Any mistake could be the final one. Therefore, a wise and safe voyage does not begin when leaving port, but long before that on land. The voyage plan, the check of the yacht and the preparation of the equipment and crew are key elements for the success of any sea voyage.

It is important to practice response to emergencies before they actually occur. Sailors have learned this not from theory, but from real-life disasters. Everything is better learned in practice.