A CREW, a watch, aboard a yacht form a well-integrated team, where everyone knows and performs their duties precisely, but at all times comes to the aid of a mate in need. Centuries of Sea tradition have created a system of rules called “good seamanship”. Sailors have mastered internal and external communication feedback to perfection.

The crew of a sailing yacht is the most natural human group where the principle ‘one for all, all for one’ gains direct meaning. When successive helmsmen take over the watch, they hold the helm and thus they are literally responsible for the safety of the yacht and the lives of the crew. Wearing the same shirts does not make a group of people a Crew. 

Commitment is required from the skipper, but above all from each sailor, because the weakest link can become the ultimate one. 

The crew has a common goal – to bring the yacht safely to port. This requires cooperation, trust and organisation.