I don’t let anyone limit me in the realization of my dreams. I do not limit myself: I travel, play, dance, laugh, I am sincere, spontaneous and free. We are the creators, not someone else.I do not allow so-called obligations and external conditions, views, religions and philosophical systems or other people to manage my time and life. “I can’t, even though I want to, because…”, “I don’t have time…” are excuses. I don’t want to be limited by other people’s things or needs.
And now that I’m on the open sea and breathing deeply, I’m soaking up life, space, freedom and listening to the most important voice in the world, listening to myself. And that voice tells me that it is the voice of the planet, of the ocean, of the trees, that voice tells me that I have time, that I have life, and that I can spend every second of that life how I want, with whom I want, and where I want. This voice tells me how lucky I am to have eyes to see our beautiful world, and how lucky I am to have hands to write about it.